Friday, 4 December 2015

Nothing material is permanent or useful at times other than people around us - Chennai Rains proved

It feels very bad to hear about the city (Chennai) which has given me bread and butter for two years in the beginning of my career is suffering from huge rainfall and floods. But, this incident has also proved that material things have very least significance in the critical situation when compared to helping hands.

God is in people, not in temple

I recently got transferred to my home town from Chennai, but after hearing about the pain people are experiencing there, it feels very bad & I can understand how the parents or relatives feel when they don't know the sign of their loved ones (children & relatives) staying in Chennai.

Chennai is an awesome place with very good hearted people, this fact is proved even in this critical hour also, seeing their help towards their fellow citizens by offering food, water, shelter & most importantly love for the affected ones.

It can be noticed that, though anyone is coming to help them or not, they are using social media to spread their message to all the people who got stuck in the floods.

Material things aren't permanent

I have seen a forward message in Whatsapp in the following way 

I am working as a System Analyst for an American Software Company in Chennai. Presently drawing 18 lakhs P.A. proud owner of a 3BHK in suburbs of Chennai. Today I have 2 credit cards with more than 1 lakh credit limit and a bank balance of 65 thousand in my account. 
 But, due to heavy rain & water logging I am not able to move out of my house, all I need is water and food for my survival. Till yesterday I was worried about my appraisal and was expecting at least 15% hike, but today I am standing in my terrace waiting for a food packet.

The money, bank balance, position, assets are of no use in the critical hours & people whom we often don't give importance like poor, NGO members, fishermen, students from normal colleges (not that famous) are caring least about their lives and participating in the relief activities to help others stuck in the misery.

The motto of the above folks is not fame or name, they are doing it for an inner satisfaction & zeal to prove that they are human beings and not money-earning machines.

I felt sad, sorry & proud that one of my friend's mutual friend has given up his life in an effort to help people recover from floods, isn't he real Indian - who considered whole humanity as his family & not just his family as his own.

If India is being able to recover from any negative force then that is only because of these great souls born in our country to re-establish our lost pride.

God will help us

We can't blame anyone for the disaster occurred which will never solve any problem, but to pray to the Supreme power to help Chennai withstand the rainfall caused and stop the rainfall which might cause some more damage with our hearts, not just our lips.

I can't directly reach Chennai to help them, but I want to help them, so, instead of making excuses that I can't do anything from here, I want to help them by praying to the supreme personality and encouraging, helping the people who are helping others by some or the other way.

Chennai... there are 125 crore people of Nation at your help... don't feel sad & don't lose heart by #ChennaiRains, We Indians will work together for getting you back to normal, please rest assured.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

How far is my new office from my home

I got recently transferred to my home town from some other metro city after a lot of waiting almost for 2 years.

But, previously my office was just walkable distance from my place (room) but now comparitively it is pretty far from my place(home) about 20 kms with no direct public transport which is a little disgusting to me as a person always wants or hopes for something better than existing & not at all less than what he is currently enjoying.

So, being a person with that basic expectation I got little sick of this travelling but today morning when I was through the journey having a pleasant morning with the Power of Positive thinking

I began to counter my travel pains positively from office to home & from my sweet home to office then I realized that previously my office was some hundreds of miles away from home but it was near to my room (not home) my office was very much away from my mom's deliciously cooked especially for me than now ... I & my office was no way near by to my father's care whether I got train/bus on time as I used to go by walk previously (as office was @ a walkable distance).

That office was near to my room but far away from my home making me alone with no one to share my happiness on free weekends (from friday night) when my friends disappeared to their homes.

The conclusion was my previous office was a thousands of meters away from my home but this office is near to my happiness but indeed far from my home physically interms of distance which makes it difficult & sweet... very very sweet @ the same time....

Saturday, 25 July 2015

If it was easy everyone would have done it


I was just going through some ethical hacking course and found out one good message. Let me explain you the scenario before I narrate you the message:

A Lady has just quit her task & was about to leave. When she was leaving on of her colleague asks her what was the problem? The Lady replies for that saying The task was getting hard, hence she decided to quit. The colleague who has questioned her thought for himself or told her (I don't remember exactly) saying If it was easy, everyone would have done it.

What a wonderful point isn't it - Most of the times I wonder why the problems seem so difficult and why don't they be easy so that they can be solved very easily but after reading this phrase I got it clarified that if it was easy then there is a good chance that each & everyone can do it but, as it is difficult not everyone is able to do it. Hence, by this I was able to conclude a statement to myself that if I want something instead of feeling bad / asking god for help / blaming him for the problem he has gifted me, I shall try my best to solve the problem to win or ready to fail by trying instead of just quitting saying that the job/task is difficult.

Such a wonderful insight by the movie director which I thought of sharing with you as it was very good for me to read it & use it for understanding my challenges & their hardness.

Added to that, the bigger problem we solve the bigger we become so if you want to grow big then try to solve bigger problems so that if you fail you would be wise learning the lesson as FAIL means (First Attempt In Learning) or if you win then it is great as you have started the task with an intention to win only right.

Happy trying.. & Happy failing thus Happy Learning then Happy succeeding for you & me..

Sunday, 15 March 2015

15 ways to be healthy deprived due to digital revolution

Health is a crown which a healthy man wears and can be seen only by an ill health man.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

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